Parent's Engagement Scheme


Action Team of Partnership

The first ATP meeting was held at Notion International School  in March, 2015 in the presence of the School Pedagogical Leadership Team, school administration, and Notion Class Delegates. The goal-based program creates two-way communication channels between school and home to establish school/home positive environments supporting students’ achievement.

The Aim of the ATP Program: 

1- Creates a welcoming school environment for families

2- Uses research-based information to increase student achievement and success in school while improving community and family involvement

3- Helps to plan and implement family and school partnerships


Notion Action Team of Partnership offers an exemplar model for the Parental Involvement Programs in Egypt


- Create collaborative environment between the school and families to promote for a learning community

- Benefit from all the possible resources to support the school vision and mission

- Promote the IB learner profile and the international mindedness