Pedagogical Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Naira Hamdy

Board member and academic consultant

Ms. Naira Hamdy – Board member and academic consultant in Notion international school

Certificated in School Management and Leadership (CSML), from the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) and Harvard Business School (HBS). 

She has a Master of education and diploma in teaching didactics of mathematics from Lille 3 university in France.

She is an International baccalaureate team leader, school visitor, consultant, reader, workshop leader and online facilitator in the International baccalaureate community for more than 20 years. 

She is experienced in teaching, designing training modules for schools, leading regional workshops, providing consultancy services and setting up educational projects,

She is a school inspector team member for ECIS, ADEK and KHDA and had the opportunity to Inspect, conduct visits and collect valid evidence on the assigned performance indicators for schools’ verification and accreditations visits.

She is an educator and international speaker who specializes in working with other educators to find innovative and sustainable ways to transform teaching and learning. Her areas of expertise include designing innovative learning experiences, professional learning and community building.

During her 22 years in education, Naira has taught elementary, secondary and higher education Math, Sciences, Information technology and theory of knowledge.

She translated documents and workshops modules for the primary years programme of the international baccalaureate.

Personal Professional development:

School Management and Leadership (CSML), from the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) and Harvard Business School (HBS) March 2019

Leadership and management PTC Bambi Betts October 2016

Concept based learning by Lynn Erickson January 2014

Ameera Amer

MYP Coordinator

Ms. Ameera Amer occupied different positions in international schools for more than 10 years starting as a PYP Math Teacher, MYP/DP Mathematics Teacher, MYP A.O.I leader, and Team member of School’s Candidacy team for the IB, Team Member of the School’s Authorization team for the IB, Math Grade level leader, and MYP service as action leader.

Yomna El-Ashram

Head Of PYP

A graduate of Spanish Literature from the Faculty of Alson, Ms Yomna has more than 14 years of teaching experience in both the British and IB PYP Programs. She holds a post graduate certificate in International Education from the American International Collage.  She has also received certificates for both local and international IB workshops including PYP Teaching and learning,  assessment, and inquiry-based learning.

Dr Ramadan Abdel Razek

Islamic Studies Leader

Dr Ramadan Abdel Razek is a seasoned Islamic Studies leader who is a member of Al Azhar Al Sharif educators. He provides training and advise for our Religion Studies Teachers to ensure that our students aged 3 -12 are developed as whole children as open-minded, inquirers, caring, knowledgeable, and principled.